• EN9100 certification


     La Chaux de Fonds, June 2019.

     The company announces the achievement of EN 9100: 2018 (Equivalent to AS9100: D and JIS 9100: 2016) certification for its surface treatment service activities as well as the design and manufacture of equipment related to Parylene technology. This certification integrate a quality approach turned resolutely towards excellence in order to better support the technological evolution of the aeronautical, space and defense markets. It also demonstrates the mastery of its special processes as well as a rigor in the means of control. Comelec is already listed in the OASIS (On Line Aerospace Suppliers Information Systems) database, which increases its visibility internationally. Finally, this certification rewards the work done by the entire COMELEC SA team and reinforces the know-how and professionalism that has been providing to you for 40 years.



    In 2019 we will be at the following trade fairs:

    Country Fair
    Location Date
    France Aero'nov Paris February 13-14
    Germany Fachgruppensitzung Smart Systems
    MicroTec Südwest
    Stuttgart February 21
    Germany W3 Fair +Convention
    IVAM networking event for optics, mikromechanics, electronics
    Wetzlar February 25-26
    Germany Fachgruppensitzung Intelligente Implantate
    MicroTec Südwest
    Karlsruhe February 26
    Germany Innovation Forum
    Donaueschingen March 14
    Germany Clusterkonferenz MicroTec Südwest
    réunion des membres
    Freiburg March 20-21
    Italy MECSPE Parme March 28-29
    Germany Hannover Trade Fair Hannover April 2 -3
    France Medinnov Lyon April 3-4
    Germany IVAM High-Tech Summit
    réunion des membres (soirée)
    Dortmund April 4
    Germany T4M Stuttgart May 7-9
    Germany PCIM Nürnberg May 7-9
    Germany Medtec Live Nürnberg May 21-23
    Switzerland EPMT Genève June 18-21
    Germany Sensor + Test Nürnberg June 25-27
    France Salon du Bourget Paris June 17-23
    Switzerland Swiss Medtec Lucerne September 10-11
    Germany MST -
    MikroSystemTechnik Kongress
    Berlin October 28-30
    Germany Compamed Düsseldorf November 18-21

    We are delighted to see you!
  • The Parylene C is a food contact approved substance

    We are glad to inform you that the Parylene C is a food contact approved substance and is registered through the FCN nr 001777 at the US Food and Drug Administration. This certification will enable you to consider this coating for pieces intended to use in direct or indirect contact with food stuff. The notification was effective on 17th August 2017 and now displayed in the authorized list at the fda website Our team is available to answer to all your questions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone to the +41329240004 or by email

  • Free standing Parylene membrane is now available !

    Juin 2016

    Parylene films open new applications when used as a free standing membrane while keeping its outstanding properties.

    film parylene

    Parylene is a polymer material, biocompatible, hydrophobic, and resistant to the vast majority of organic solvents, and even strong acids and bases. It is elaborated without solvent from an original process known as Vapor Polymerization Deposition. Due to its strong penetration ability (ideal for complex 3D shapes) and its excellent barrier properties, Parylene coating has been extensively used as an encapsulation material in various industries (electronic, medical, sensors, MEMS, etc). More recently, the use of free standing Parylene films opens new possibilities to further make profit of these exceptional properties.

    With an increasing demand for implantable devices, the medical industry presents a huge potential to make use of free standing Parylene. Indeed, Parylene films become more and more essential to the manufacturing of smart flexible devices (implantable electrodes, smart patches, etc…) able to adapt to the human body. In this context, Comelec will promote this technology in the frame of the European project “Informed”, ( Combined with other materials and structuring technologies, applications are infinite.

    The use of Parylene free standing films as membranes with tunable properties represents also an important source of applications, for example in the fields of gas detection or fluids filtration.

    Comelec has developed a manufacturing process to produce these films in large quantities and with high thickness uniformity. The main commercial Parylene grades are already available as free standing films with thicknesses in the range 5 - 50 µm (other on request).

    Depending on customer use, the Parylene films may be provided alone or on silicon wafers (up to 200mm) for further post-processing (easily removable from silicon substrate by delamination or resist dissolving).

  • InForMed Project

    march 2015

    > link to the project's site

    The goal of the InForMed project is to establish an integrated pilot line for medical devices. The pilot line includes micro-fabrication, assembly and encapsulation. The heart of this chain is the micro-fabrication and assembly facility of Philips Innovation Services, which will be qualified for small/medium-scale production of medical devices. The pilot facility will be open to other users for pilot production and product validation. It is the aim of the pilot line: to safeguard and consolidate Europe’s strong position in “traditional” medical diagnostic equipment, to enable emerging markets - especially in smart minimally invasive instruments and point-of-care diagnostic equipment - and to stimulate the development of entirely new markets, by providing an industrial micro-fabrication and assembly facility where new materials can be processed and assembled. The pilot line will be integrated in a complete innovation value chain from technology concept to high-volume production and system qualification. Protocols will be developed to ensure an efficient technology transfer between the different links in the value chain. In this context, the Parylene technology will be part of this pilot line by providing the final biocompatible encapsulation solution.

    Duration : 3 years

  • R&D news

    For nearly a decade, Comelec SA has been working hard in parylene technology research and development,

    For example, we have

    created a separate department dedicated to this work, filed a joint patent with He-Arc, become involved in two successive European projects (Multipol, then Parylens) and in applied research projects supported by the Swiss federal government through its Commission on Technology and Innovation, developed close ties with well-known (mainly swiss and european) schools and research institutes,


    Parylens is an FP-7 European research project (with EEC support of about € 4 million) from 2010 to 2013 that involves twelve partners (academic/private research laboratories and other manufacturers) throughout Europe, This 36-month project began in October 2010,

    Its main objective is to develop the next generation of optical lenses, based on an innovative concept inspired by the eyes of humans and of insects such as the fly,

    Its basis is the joint He-ARC engineering/Comelec patent entitled “SOLID,” for SOLid on LIquid Deposition, which makes it possible to grow a (parylene) film directly on a liquid, The film faithfully conforms to the liquid and encapsulates it, This project also continues the work done during the preceding Multipol project,

  • Projet Multipol


    Multipol was an FP-6 European research project (with EEC support of about € 3 million) that involved ten partners who also then continued with the Parylens project,

    The 36-month project began in early 2007 and ended at the end of 2009,

    Its objective was to obtain polymeric materials and multifunctional systems with specific mechanical, electrical, and optical characteristics, Based on the SOLID patent, the project’s major concept was the adjustment of parylene film properties through reaction with the liquid on which the film was deposited, The project succeeded in developing films with specific properties, and these results also led to significant progress in understanding the processes at work,

    projet multipolFor more information