technical properties

The process of vacuum deposition at room temperature endows this coating with unparalleled characteristics. It is free of any internal stress.

Due to its extreme power of penetration, it conforms perfectly to even the most complex-shaped objects with a constant thickness ( perfect conformability ). Its thickness can be easily adjusted in a range of 50 nm to more than 100 μm. Its significant physicochemical inertia and the continuity of film, even in minimal thicknesses (less than 100 nm on Wafer Si), leads to it being used primarily as an insulating coating (for an aggressive and/or electric environment). It offers highly effective protection against humidity or hostile environments (such as for sensors) and is resistant to all solvents, acids and bases at room temperature.

As it is biocompatible and resistant to scratches as well as to various sterilisation processes, it is an ideal candidate for medical packaging.

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